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Award winning artist Bing Hitchcock specializes in 21st century abstract art. His work is dynamic, diverse and full of colour.
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An immense passion and drive for contemporary abstract art


Bing's journey started a couple of years ago when he heard teh Grayson Perry deliver his Reith lecture for BBC radio 4 entitled 'Playing to the gallery.' Here, he set out to demystify the art world. It seems it isn't a scary place and anyone can come in. Grayson encouraged anyone  that had a bit of art in them to have a go and make a career. That was in August 2014 and Bing took his advice. That same day he decided to dissect the seeming opposite and make a pact with himself to strive not only for excellence in composition, but also in the final master.

On the outset Bing thought, if he was going to be a modern artist and run his own contemporary art gallery in Brighton, he should know all there is to know about colour and where it comes from. Our world is bathed in colour, but rarely we stop to wonder what colour is. In 1671 Sir Isaac Newton astonished artist when his experiments using prisms to refract light proved without a doubt that colour is a complicated beast. Back then, people thought that colour was a mixture of light and darkness, and that prisms coloured light. Newton stated this was false and his work proved there is no colour without light. Light is a physical thing in the physical world and it can be manipulated.

  Humans are trichromat, meaning they have three colour photo-receptors a red, a green, and a blue (RGB,) enabling us to see seven hues of a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Dogs have two photo-receptors, green and yellow, and they can see greys. Butterflies and bees on the other hand have five receptors. They can see colours way outside our spectrum, ultra violet and high blues and greens. Their eyesight evolved enabling them to see the ultra-violet traces flowers signal for pollination. Then we have the Mantis shrimp, which lives in tropical waters.  It has up to sixteen colour photo-receptors. As you can imagine; it has vision out of this world. These are the colours that Bing is interested in.

But while humans can't see colours beyond our visible spectrum, the machines we build can, enabling new variations of the spectrum as we know it.

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What can our art specialist do for you?

  • We deal in contemporary & modern abstract art
  • Dye sublimation artwork
  • Commissions
  • Free delivery and hanging service
  • Custom room dividers and tables
  • Personalised free art advisory service
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Why should you choose our artist and his work

In 2016 Bing won the main gold award at the highly competitive Master of Art International Awards. His art is a direct result of his realization; without light, there is no colour. His mission is to fuse light and colour together.
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Welcome to a world of colour

With this kind of artwork, there is a facility to mix up to 2 trillion colours. In order to print his creations, our art expert needed a new approach. The answer was ChromaLuxe HD panels that allows you to print at the utmost quality. The artwork is archival, highly resilient and require no additional glass, acrylic, lamination or coating to protect them. The dye sublimation process renders images waterproof, abrasion resistant, fire resistant and chemical resistant - making artwork suitable for almost any interior or exterior environment. UV and waterproof protected means they are an ideal solution for art onboard yachts, swimming pools, wet-rooms and showers.

Send us a photo of your chosen wall space and we will superimpose our art. 

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Free delivery and fitting service

Visit his Brighton art gallery to find out more.
Bing Hitchcock Gallery
44 Trafalgar St
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